Men's Leather Cremation Urn Necklace, Unisex Black or Silver Ashes Pendant , Human Ashes, Pet Ashes

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Please select if you would like to include a funnel fill kit in the dropdown menu above. The kit includes fill instructions, a mini funnel, a mini screwdriver, and a mini tube of superglue if you choose. 

*NO need to mail me any ashes. You fill this urn at home.

This high quality, genuine leather and black or silver stainless steel urn necklace is perfect for him or her! The leather cord is adjustable to your desired length between 15 and 30". 

The pendant is an actual urn and can hold a small amount of fine human or pet ashes (not larger pieces as this is a small space). Below the screw is a small space for a small amount of powdery ashes and this pendant is not hollow.