Black Rose Cremation Ring, Ash Urn Flower Ring, Silver Rose Ring For Cremains, Pet Loss Jewelry, Human Ash Ring, Fill At Home

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Please select if you would like to include a funnel fill kit in the dropdown menu above. The kit includes fill instructions, a mini funnel, a mini screwdriver, and a mini tube of superglue if you choose.

This ring is such a wonderful and beautiful keepsake to commemorate any loved one or any beloved pet. It is made from stainless steel so it is considered hypoallergenic and will not tarnish or turn your fingers green.

This ring can be filled with human or pet cremation ashes by removing the small screw on the back of the ring. There is a small space for fine textured ashes. A small drop of superglue can also be added to the screw for added security. These are to be filled by the customer at home. 


*It is recommended to avoid wearing these rings in water as they are not considered 100% waterproof. 

*It would be best to superglue the fastener (screw on top) where the opening is to ensure a tight and secure seal.