RUSH YOUR ORDER! (see description before ordering)

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This purchase is to rush your order if you need it quickly. This does not expedite shipping, but it does expedite the processing time. Currently, my non-cremation/flower item processing time is 1-2 weeks and my cremation/flower item processing time is up to 5 weeks. Purchasing this "Rush Order" moves your production to the top over all other current orders. For stamped items I will begin right away and for cremation/flower items once I receive your ashes or fully dried flowers. This will NOT speed up shipping. If you want shipping to speed up you will also need to upgrade to priority shipping. As purchasing "Rush Order" will get your products to you faster, I cannot guarantee any delivery dates as I cannot control shipping delays once it leaves my hands. Please keep that in mind when ordering or asking me about an arrival date.

** You only need to order this rush order once for your entire purchase, not per item, if you have 4 or less items. For 5 or more, please contact me first.