**Mailing Instructions For Ashes**

Please make sure to double bag the ashes in sealed bags with both your name and order number written on the bags. I only need about 1/8 -1/4 tsp. of ashes and if there are any remaining they will be sent back to you. Please do not send more than that.

I DO NOT automatically send out collection kits. These collection kits can be purchased separately if you choose. If you do not purchase a Prepaid Collection Kit, please mail your ashes or flowers to me ASAP after ordering. I highly recommend including tracking when mailing your ashes so you can keep track of their journey and verify that they have been delivered to me. You are responsible for tracking your package.

The mailing address to send your cremation ashes and dried flower jewelry is...

Soul Impressions/Erin Klaas
132 N Pierce St.
Lancaster, WI 53813