8x6mm Teardrop Shaped Sterling Silver Cremation Ring With Twisted/Rope Band, Pear Shape Stacking Ring With Ashes, Memorial Jewelry

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This a beautiful sterling silver teardrop shaped ring created with cremation ashes. The cremation "stone" will measure approximately 8x6mm and the ring band is 14 gauge (approximately 1.6mm).  This ring can be purchased by itself or with extra sterling silver 16 gauge (approximately 1.3mm) twisted/rope band stacking rings. Please see this option in a separate listing. You can see samples with the stacking bands in the listing photos. 

I do offer this teardrop shaped ring in a larger 9x13mm bezel. Please see the listing photos for a picture of the larger ring. 

*All the pieces in my cremation collection have a finished look that resemble glass or stone once set. I do make these pieces with the ashes visible, however you can specify in a note to me if you would prefer not to see the ashes. I take great care in creating these special keepsakes and I can assure you that all cremains/ashes will be handled with dignity.

Ashes are delicately and precisely set by hand in a clear jeweler's resin blend solution along with your chosen inclusion materials (glitter, shimmer flakes, colorant, crushed glass, etc.). This process solidifies your ashes and creates a memorial "stone".

*I have many different color options available to choose from. Please let me know the color or colors you would like in the "Special Instructions For Seller" box at checkout. This would include anything specific such as a certain color or inclusion (glitter, shimmer, etc). See the listing photos for color options. I am happy to work with you to match your vision with these precious keepsakes! Please note that the color of the cremation "stone" may vary slightly from what is shown in the listing photos because of the computer monitor color variances. 

*I will need approximately 1/8-1/4 tsp. of the cremains/ashes you would like me to use in your jewelry. Please see the "Mailing Instructions For Ashes" section.  Any unused ashes (if any) will be mailed back to you. Please do not send more than 1/4 tsp. of ashes.