Heart Cremation Ring, Fillable Urn Ring, Memorial Ash Jewelry, Visible Ashes Ring

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This ring is such a beautiful and wonderful keepsake to commemorate any loved one or a beloved pet. It is made from stainless steel and considered hypoallergenic and will not tarnish or turn your finger green. The heart on this ring measures approximately 12mm across and the band is a sturdy twisted/rope style. This ring can be filled with human or pet cremation ashes, sand, small flower petal pieces, glitter, hair, fur, etc. by removing the small screw on the side of the heart. A small drop of superglue can also be added to the screw for added security. These are made with sturdy glass window tops so anything you put inside will be visible. These are to be filled at home by the customer and will come with a funnel filling kit. 

*It is recommended to avoid wearing these rings in water as they are not considered waterproof.

*It would be the best to superglue the fastener (screw top) where the opening is to ensure a tight and secure seal.