Leather Ring Holder Bracelet, Wear Your Ring On Your Wrist, Widow Bracelet, Nurse, Doctor Ring Holder

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With this high quality genuine leather bracelet you can securely wear a loved one's wedding band or any sentimental ring with confidence.

These bracelets are made with much care and consideration for their sentimental purpose. They are made of genuine, high quality leather and the snaps are incredibly durable and secure.

The design of my bracelets is well thought out which allows for the ends to snap on the underside of the bracelet. This ensures a comfortable fit and prevents the ends from getting caught on anything during wear.


Measure your wrist with a flexible measuring tape where you want the bracelet to fit. I recommend rounding up to the next bracelet size when ordering to allow room to snap the bracelet and to ensure a comfortable fit with the added ring. 

The measurements are from one FOLDED end/snapped end to the other FOLDED/snapped end. (see photos above) Please take into consideration the space the ring will take up, which is usually about another 1/2" but that all depends on the size of the ring you will be adding to the bracelet.

The leather bands are 1/2" wide.