Prepaid Shipping Kit (Purchase in a separate order! Use code KITSHIP for free shipping on this separate order only)

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**Save yourself a trip to the post office with this convenient prepaid shipping and collection kit!**

Please purchase this kit in a separate order from your cremation order!

Use code KITSHIP for free shipping($5 off)on this separate order only!

This handy kit includes:
* a separate bubble mailer envelope with a prepaid return label attached and ready to go
* a convenient special spoon to assist in the collection process
* (2) small plastic bags labeled with your name and order number
* directions for the ash collection and mailing instructions

Once you collect your ashes, you simply put everything in the prepaid envelope and put it in the mail!

These are all first class (3-5 days) return labels so I will receive your ashes soon after they are mailed to me. To help ease your mind, I will notify you once I receive them and you can also follow the tracking at Please make sure to write down the tracking number found on the mailing label before putting it in the mail.

No refund will be given for this purchase. If, for any reason, the customer misplaces this prepaid mailer and/or doesn't mail the ashes using that prepaid mailer no refund will be given.

This prepaid shipping kit is not required to purchase any of my cremation items. This is offered to assist in the process for any customers who would like to purchase.